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Are we a good fit?

Not every therapist is a good fit for the client.  And not every client is a good fit for the therapist.  Finding a good fit for both client and therapist fosters development of a balanced relationship.  A good fit works to prevent the client from feeling unseen or unheard by the therapist.  It also works towards decreasing the risk of compassion fatigue or burnout for the therapist.
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The Cycle of Change

The Cycle of Change aims to describe how people change.  The expectation is that the individual is responsible for making this change happen.  People often go through the cycle more than once before making a final exit.

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Pre-contemplation:  People in this stage are unaware there is a problem, or if they are aware, they have no intention of changing, even if a positive change could result in improved wellbeing.

Contemplation:  People in this stage are aware this is a problem and they begin to wonder if it might be time for a change.  They often spend much time thinking about the problem and become curious about possible changes and the effect of those changes.

Preparation:  People in this stage are fully aware there is a problem and that change is necessary if they are to achieve a positive outcome.  This stage often includes recognition that assistance from others, such as professionals, is likely needed for change to occur.

Action:  In this stage, the individual has gained the resources necessary for change and are in the midst of enacting the change.  This stage involves developing and implementing a plan that requires active application of the change.

Maintenance:  This stage is all about holding one's self accountable for maintaining the plan until the change has become habit.

Relapse: New habits can be difficult to maintain.  There are countless influences - good, bad, and neutral - that can affect consistency of the new habit, and relapse can occur.  When it does, this is when helpful accountability can encourage the individual to return to their positive change.

"Lasting Exit": A permanent exit from The Cycle of Change can occur when the new change is consistently maintained for such a time that the change becomes automatic and/or permanent.







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