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Take the Good Fit Quiz!

Take this quiz to see if you'd be a good fit for starting therapy at Counseling by Coryanna, PLLC
1.  Have you read about The Cycle of Change and agree that you are either in the "Preparation" phase or "Action" phase?

2.  Do you understand and agree that you are more than any mental health diagnosis or diagnoses you might have received by a previous mental health or medical professional?

3.  Are you ready to attend your appointments on time and at the frequency you and your therapist agree upon?

4.  Are you aware that therapy is treatment for your mental health symptoms and will require you to do much of the work necessary for change outside of therapy?

5.  Since therapy is treatment, do you understand that therapy is not a social hour and that the work done in sessions are evidence-based practices that will challenge you to explore, process, and grow?

6.  Have you ensured that you are able to cover the cost of therapy, such as your deductible, co-insurance, co-pay, private pay, and any out-of-pocket fees (late-cancellations and no-shows)?

If you answered "YES" to every question, then you're a good fit for
Counseling by Coryanna, PLLC!

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